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Holiday Rental Cottages - Windermere

Holiday Rental Cottages – Windermere were contacted by a holiday rental company specialising in cottages and lodges. A number of the properties were suffering from condensation dampness which was leading to mould starting to break out, primarily during the winter months.


To provide an effective, energy efficient solution to the ongoing problems and at the same time maintain a healthy and comfortable internal air environment.
The K-HRV150/12RH single room heat recovery unit provided an energy efficient solution to the condensation problems and the continuous air change replaced stale, moisture laden air with filtered fresh warmed air from outside. Thereby supplying a healthy air change and comfortable living environment.
Customer Statement:
The K-HRV150/12RH units specified by Nigel in the i-sells team have worked superbly, not only has the condensation been eliminated but also the damp musty odour. Residents have actually commented on how fresh the air is within the properties. I am also delighted with the very low running costs of the units and have passed on the details to other holiday rental owners in the area”.