Nuaire Drimaster

How Does A Drimaster Work?

How does a Drimaster work? 

Learn how the Nuaire Drimaster works and how it can help remove mould and damp from your entire home.

The Nuaire “Drimaster” uses a technique known as “PIV” or positive input ventilation.

The unit draws air in from the loft cavity through two large filters, reducing; traffic fumes, pollen and harmful gases.

It then presses this fresh air through your home, and ventilates each room in your property.

The three stages the “Drimaster” employs are:

  • Dilute
  • Displace
  • Replace

The diffuser draws in and presses the fresh air into the property. This dilutes the already present stale air within the property.

Fresh air pressed through the property, creates additional (positive) pressure. This displaces old air, forcing it out through any small gaps in the property.

The property then has the old stale air replaced with fresh filtered air. This ensures that condensation and mould growth cannot occur in your property.

The positioning of the diffuser (ideally the middle of the landing), means the input air circulates through every room.

Nuaire Drimaster Ceiling Diffuser
A “diffuser” in the hallway, means you can easily monitor and change settings

What is “Solar gain”?

The “Drimaster Eco Heat” tempers the air and takes the chill off what is drawn in from the loft cavity on colder months.

Built-in sensors allow the unit to detect if the heat within the loft cavity becomes too high, and if so,  tells it to stop the airflow.

When enough heat has been detected in the loft cavity during colder months, it is added back into the property, reducing the energy required to heat the home, and is a process known as “Solar Gain”.

Hot air rises, so warmth generated through use of the lower levels of the home (cooking, radiators etc) rises into the loft cavity and is re-circulated.

This not only reduces running costs, (making it one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly ventilation units on the market), but also creates a very comfortable living environment.

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