Spring clean away your Black Mould Growth problems

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Yes … We know it’s supposed to be Spring and we were all hoping for some warmth and sunshine, but it looks like our good old British weather has other ideas ( so our shorts and sunglasses are currently on hold and the wellies and scarves have come back out again).

We are pleased to report that the wet weather has not dampened Ductman’s spirits, he is still standing proud outside our offices, promoting his latest offers. This month Ductman is promoting the Kair Mould Control Pack, a great little pack that has everything you need to tackle mould on ceilings and walls.

Kair Mould Control Pack - Code: K-MCP

Kair Mould Control Pack – Code: K-MCP

If your property is suffering from mould problems and you need to clean off unsightly black mould, have a look at our range of mould control products – they really work and will not break the bank either.  The K-MCP Kair Mould Control Kit has a surface cleanser to help you clean off the mould spores and also contains special additive pots that you add to paint to make an anti mould surface.

If you have already purchased this product let us know what you think, or email us in some before and after pictures to info@i-sells.co.uk we would love to hear your success stories.

Ductman says "Spring clean away your mould growth problems"

Ductman says “Spring clean away your mould growth problems”